APP_Dashboard::__construct( array $args = array() )



    Description Description

    Parameters Parameters


    (array) (Optional) An array of arguments.

    • 'page_title'
      (string) Dashboard title. Default 'AppThemes Dashboard'
    • 'menu_title'
      (string) Menu title. Default 'AppThemes'
    • 'submenu_title'
      (string) Submenu title. Default 'Dashboard'
    • 'page_slug'
      (string) Page slug. Default 'app-dashboard'
    • 'toplevel'
      (string) Menu level. Default 'menu'. Accepts 'menu', 'submenu'.
    • 'position'
      (int) Position in menu. Default 3.
    • 'screen_icon'
      (string) Screen icon (obsolete). Default 'themes'.
    • 'columns'
      (int) Number of columns of widgets. Default 2. Accepts 1, 2, 3, 4.
    • 'boxes'
      (array) An array of additional metaboxes with array of parameters. Default 'stats', 'news', 'tutorials', 'marketplace', 'support_forum'.
      • 'title'
        (string) Title of the meta box.
      • 'callback'
        (callback) Optional. Function that fills the box with the desired content. The function should echo its output. Default array( $this, '_intermediate_callback' ) Accepts function name or array(object, method).
      • 'context'
        (string) Optional. The context within the screen where the boxes should display. Default 'normal'. Accepts 'normal', 'side', 'column3', 'column4'.
      • 'priority'
        (string) Optional. The priority within the context where the boxes should show ('high', 'low'). Default 'default'.
      • 'callback_args'
        (array) Optional. Data that should be set as the $args property of the box array (which is the second parameter passed to your callback).

    Default value: array()

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