The class responsible for displaying the Add-ons browser.


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Methods Methods

  • __construct — Constructor.
  • display — Outputs all the Add-ons page content.
  • display_tablenav — Outputs the pagination bar.
  • fetch_mp_filters — Fetches the add-ons filters from cache (if not expired) or from the marketplace REST API, directly.
  • fetch_mp_items — Fetches the add-ons from cache (if not expired) or from the marketplace REST API, directly.
  • get_addons_from_feed — Retrieves all the add-ons from an RSS list as an array of objects.
  • get_filter_list — Retrieves a list of all the available Add-ons filters.
  • get_filters — Outputs the Add-ons filters.
  • get_table_classes — Retrieve a list of CSS classes to be used on the table listing.
  • get_tabs — Retrieves available tabs array
  • get_views — Outputs the available Add-ons tabs.
  • no_items — Outputs the no items message.
  • prepare_items — Prepares the items before they are displayed.
  • remote_get — Do a request to REST API server.
  • search_form — Outputs the Add-ons search form.
  • set_filters — Given the list of possible filters/values builds the filters list to be used on the add-ons browser
  • single_row — Outputs a given add-on using custom markup.
  • views — Override parent views so we can use the filter bar display.
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