Breadcrumb_Trail::__construct( array $args = array() )

Sets up the breadcrumb trail properties. Calls the Breadcrumb_Trail::add_items() method to creat the array of breadcrumb items.


Description Description

Parameters Parameters


(array) (Optional)

  • 'container'
    (string) Container HTML element. nav|div
  • 'before'
    (string) String to output before breadcrumb menu.
  • 'after'
    (string) String to output after breadcrumb menu.
  • 'browse_tag'
    (string) The HTML tag to use to wrap the "Browse" header text.
  • 'list_tag'
    (string) The HTML tag to use for the list wrapper.
  • 'item_tag'
    (string) The HTML tag to use for the item wrapper.
  • 'show_on_front'
    (bool) Whether to show when is_front_page().
  • 'network'
    (bool) Whether to link to the network main site (multisite only).
  • 'show_title'
    (bool) Whether to show the title (last item) in the trail.
  • 'show_browse'
    (bool) Whether to show the breadcrumb menu header.
  • 'labels'
    (array) Text labels. @see Breadcrumb_Trail::set_labels()
  • 'post_taxonomy'
    (array) Taxonomies to use for post types. @see Breadcrumb_Trail::set_post_taxonomy()
  • 'echo'
    (bool) Whether to print or return the breadcrumbs.

Default value: array()

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