@package: BreadcrumbTrail


Method: Gets post types by slug. This is needed because the get_post_types() function doesn’t exactly match the ‘has_archive’ argument when it’s set as a string instead of a boolean.

Source: theme-framework/kernel/breadcrumb-trail.php:1034

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Method: Get parent posts by path. Currently, this method only supports getting parents of the ‘page’ post type. The goal of this function is to create a clear path back to home given what would normally be a “ghost” directory. If any page matches the given path, it’ll be added.

Source: theme-framework/kernel/breadcrumb-trail.php:1097

Used by 5 functions | Uses 1 function


Method: Searches for term parents of hierarchical taxonomies. This function is similar to the WordPress function get_category_parents() but handles any type of taxonomy.

Source: theme-framework/kernel/breadcrumb-trail.php:1155

Used by 2 functions | Uses 0 functions


Method: Turns %tag% from permalink structures into usable links for the breadcrumb trail. This feels kind of hackish for now because we’re checking for specific %tag% examples and only doing it for the ‘post’ post type. In the future, maybe it’ll handle a wider variety of possibilities, especially for custom post types.

Source: theme-framework/kernel/breadcrumb-trail.php:1191

Used by 1 function | Uses 1 function
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