Initializes the add-ons marketplace module.


Description Description

Optional Parameters:

  • ‘url’ string (optional) The URL location of the module
  • ‘theme’ string|array (optional) The default theme to which display add-ons
  • ‘mp’ array (optional) Expects an assoc. array of marketplaces slugs. Each ‘mp’ should contain an associative array of ‘scbAdminPage’ class parameters. Besides the menu page params, it also contain a ‘filters’ param allowing to control which filters/values are displayed for this marketplace page content:

    - '[menu-slug]' (array) The slug name for a marketplace page and menu
        - 'menu' (array)    The menu params.
            . see 'scbAdminPage' (https://github.com/scribu/wp-scb-framework/blob/54b521e37ed54244e19a58d497ac690efe7b578b/AdminPage.php#L5)
        - 'filters' (array) The marketplace filters visible to the user (shows all if omitted)
            - 'themes' (string|array|boolean)     List of themes to display (shows all if omitted)
            - 'categories' (string|array|boolean) List of categories to display [valid: 'plugins', 'payment-gateways', 'child-themes', 'general-themes'] (shows all if omitted)
            - 'authors' (string|array|boolean)    List of authors to display (shows all if omitted)
    e.g (for a customized seller menu):
        'mp' => array(
            'my-addons-mp' => array(
                'menu' => array(                                        // see 'scbAdminPage' class for all params
                    'parent' => 'my-plugin-menu-slug',
                // each omitted filter is always displayed unless set to 'False' to disable it
                'filters' => array(
                        'themes'     => array( 'hirebee', 'vantage' ), // choose which theme(s) to display
                        'categories' => false,                         // set to false to disable the categories filter
                        'authors'    => 'seller_username',             // choose which author(s) addons to display

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